What Prevention Oral Care 360 Can Do For You

What Prevention Oral Care 360 Can Do For You

Those undergoing chemotherapy know all too well that one of the unfortunate side effects of this cancer treatment is excessive dry mouth – also known as Xerostomia – which also can bring with it uncomfortable mouth sores and ulcers. Chemotherapy causes this because it works constantly to slow or stop the rapid production of cancerous cells, and because it doesn’t know the difference, it often attacks the rapidly growing healthy cells in the mouth as well. This prevents healthy cells from being produced properly, and leads to improper healing and painful sores or ulcers in the mouth, which can prevent proper eating and drinking if allowed to get bad enough.

While your doctor may have many recommendations on how to treat and prevent these side effects, there are also ways that you may use to prevent and treat these mouth sores at home, and used in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations can help to rid yourself of these sores, and may help to prevent them in the future. Some of these at-home preventative care treatments are only available by prescription, but there are some which are available over the counter as well, and used properly, may work just as well for you.

Prevention Oral Care 360 And Prevention Oral Care 360 Alcohol Free

This preventative care treatment product comes in both a standard formula, as well as an alcohol free formula for those with oral sensitivity. It is designed for every-day use to promote good oral hygiene and health, and may even help to keep your mouth healthy and properly salivated during treatments to prevent sores and excessive dryness in the mouth.

These are formulated with zinc and hydrogen peroxide to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, and is designed to only target the bad bacteria, leaving the good bacteria to allow the lining of your mouth to continue healing properly. It has a soothing mint flavor that is just enough to freshen the breath without being overpowering, and is safe for every day use in chemotherapy patients.