What Good Is A Good Mouthwash?

What Good Is A Good Mouthwash?

Compared to dental essentials like brushing and flossing, mouthwashes can often seem like more than what you absolutely need. Brushing clears away plaque and food debris from the surface of your teeth and flossing does the same for between them, and depending on your toothpaste brushing may also whiten your teeth and strengthen them with fluoride. So what’s left for to do?

Mouthwash Can Kill Bacteria

Most kinds of mouthwash and rinse can kill the harmful bacteria which live in your mouth and can cause plaque, tartar, cavities, and gingivitis. Many varieties accomplish this by relying on alcohol, which is very good at killing bacteria and other dangerous germs. However, other formulas use antibacterial chemicals in order to avoid alcohol’s side effects, which can include dry mouth.

Mouthwash Provides Fresh Breath

It’s not just the mint flavor that does it. Gingivitis is a leading cause of bad breath, and by killing the bacteria that cause it your mouthwash can keep the air that leaves your mouth from stinking.

Mouthwash Can Completely Clear Out Food Debris

While brushing and flossing can remove bits of food stuck to your teeth, a mouthwash can reach all the smallest nooks and crannies in your mouth, right down to the base of your upper and lower gums. This ultimately improves their health, and in the process also keeps your breath fresh by removing any and all decaying particles from your mouth.

Mouthwash Can Promote A Healthy Mouth

Although alcohol-based mouthwashes can occasionally lead to mouth ulcers following long-term use, nonalcoholic mouthwashes may actually be able to do the opposite. By exposing mouth ulcers, canker sores, and cold sores to the antiseptic chemicals in mouthwash, you may reduce your chances of an infection, reduce pain, and possibly even heal your injury faster.

Brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to your dentist, are the cornerstones of proper dental care. However, there are ways to improve on the most basic level of care, and using a good mouthwash or mouth rinse has the potential to do exactly that.