Treat Oral Mucositis And Dry Mouth Without A Prescription

Treat Oral Mucositis And Dry Mouth Without A Prescription

During cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation to the head or neck area, two bothersome and sometimes serious complications include dry and oral mucositis. Dry mouth occurs because chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be irritating to the saliva glands. Oral mucositis occurs in chemotherapy because the medicine used to treat the cancer cells that are attacking the patient’s body also attack the patient’s own healthy white blood cells. This results in a lowered immune system which can lead to oral mucositis. Radiation, which can have inflammatory effects, can also result in oral mucositis.

A majority of patients who undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments to the head or neck suffer from oral mucositis, or dry mouth, or some combination of the two. Patients who use tobacco or drink alcohol are more likely to suffer from either or both conditions. Patients with other conditions, such as HIV/AIDS or diabetes are also more prone to these conditions during chemotherapy or radiation.

Symptoms of oral mucositis include:

A red, swollen mouth or gums
• Blood in the mouth
• Mouth soreness or pain which can extend to the throat
• Feelings of dryness, pain, or burning when eating
• Soft, white patches in the mouth or on the tongue
• Increased mucous or thicker saliva
• Difficulty chewing or swallowing

Symptoms of dry mouth include:

• A dry or sticky feeling in the mouth
• Thick or stringy saliva
• Pain or burning in the mouth or on the tongue
• Cracked lips or cracks at the corners of the mouth
• A dry, rough tongue
• Difficulty chewing or swallowing

Both dry mouth and oral mucositis can result in further complications. Dry mouth can cause dental problems, such as cavities, as well as increase the risk of oral sores and mouth infections, including thrush. Oral mucositis can also increase a patient’s risk of oral infections and almost always results in painful mouth sores. In some cases, the pain is so severe that the patient is unable to eat and may become nutritionally compromised.

Many patients believe that the only way to treat dry mouth and oral mucositis that occur during cancer treatments is with an expensive oral rinse prescribed by a doctor. Fortunately, this is not the case and there are more affordable non-prescription options available. Prevention Mouth Rinse is an inexpensive and effective treatment for dry mouth and oral mucositis. When taken before the start of chemotherapy or radiation treatments, Prevention Oncology Mouth Rinse can even prevent these conditions.