The Importance Of Alcohol Free Mouth Rinses

The Importance Of Alcohol Free Mouth Rinses

Dry mouth caused by chemotherapy treatments is a very real condition that can add even more discomfort, frustration, and risk to those who are suffering from cancer. The risk of infections and other problems is increased in those with dry mouth, and the issue can be very severe when triggered by chemo.

Use of mouth rinses is the key to overcoming the problem, but it’s important that those who need to do so choose only a mouth rinse that is alcohol free. There are several reasons for this.

• Alcohol based mouth rinses can irritate sores and lesions, leading to further problems within the mouth.

• Rinses made from alcohol also have more flavorings added. Oncology patients often have more sensitive taste, and the reduced flavors are more palatable for them to use.

• Alcohol rinses can also actually dry out the mouth further. While they can fight against harmful bacteria, they end up creating even worse conditions for many.

Alcohol free rinses have less levels of other ingredients that can impact oral health like saccharin. This can help promote better overall oral health.

In short, alcohol based mouthwash does have a place in oral care. But for oncology patients coping with dry mouth caused by chemotherapy treatments, alcohol free rinses are the best choice.