The Big Impact Of Dry Mouth

The Big Impact Of Dry Mouth

When most people think of their overall health and wellbeing, oral health isn’t usually the first thing they’ll think of. Even those who do understand the importance of oral health care often don’t understand one aspect of it – dry mouth. But those who have trouble maintaining proper saliva levels often encounter a number of additional problems that can lead to further trouble. 

As groups like the Mayo Clinic report, dry mouth has a lot more of an impact on your health than just discomfort and a feeling that you need to drink more water. Consider some of the issues that can come from dry mouth:

  • Reduced ability to chew or swallow foods
  • Increased harmful bacterial growth within the mouth
  • Increased risk of tooth decay and cavities
  • Increased chance of developing gum diseases
  • Mouth ulcers and sores
  • Increased risk of mouth infections

The reason is that saliva plays a very big role in your overall oral health. It washes away harmful bacteria, keeps the mucus membranes hydrated, and much more. It’s an integral part of your mouth’s makeup and as such you need to take steps to fight against dry mouth no matter what its direct causes may be.

The easiest option for most is to utilize our Prevention Oral Care 360 Mouth Rinse that is designed to fight infections, improve oral health, and increase saliva levels. It’s a straightforward solution that provides real results, and is well worth taking a closer look at if you’re suffering from dry mouth on a consistent basis.