When it comes to oral health, most people think that brushing teeth twice a day, and perhaps, if you’re really diligent, a daily flossing is all that’s required to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums. For many people, this may be true. The build-up of plaque and the development of cavities is usually prevented by the simple mechanical actions of brushing and flossing to keep harmful bacteria from getting a chance to remain in the , gain a foothold and start proliferating in earnest. Some may feel that the addition of a is an added bonus, but usually they regard this are more of an aesthetic choice for fresh breath.

For others, oral health is a challenge with unavoidable obstacles that need to remain in place, but nevertheless have to be overcome, such as the side-effects that medical treatments can have on the mouth. For people that have conditions, or simply don’t enjoy an “average” set of teeth and gums the way others do, a rinse for mouth sores is not just a convenience, but a way to be able to enjoy everyday life without pain.

Selectively Active

Most mouth washes that people find in stores generally consist of some kind of breath freshening agent mixed alcohol as a simple mix in order to kill germs and make breath smell better. Unfortunately, these more simple formulas take a “scorched earth” approach to oral health, in that the mouth has a mix of bacteria that is good and bad. A general mouthwash will simply eliminate all bacteria. However, a specialized rinse for mouth sores is more selective. By targeting only the pathogenic bacteria and preserving the beneficial ones, this kind of rinse for mouth sores actually helps the healing process by allowing the benign or helpful bacteria to remain and participate in the maintenance of oral health. The fungi, viruses and other harmful bacteria are still dealt with, and this is overall a much more efficient way to maintain oral health that removes the bad while still retaining the good.

Therapeutic Relief

Our rinse for mouth sores is especially effective against the side effects of medical treatment, in particular certain kinds of therapy used to help cancer patients. Usually within a week of chemotherapy or radiation therapy around the head or throat area, patients may develop Mucositis as a side-effect of the treatment. Mucositis is when parts of the digestive tract—in this case, the mouth specifically—develop inflammations and ulcerations as a severe reaction against specific kinds of cancer therapy.

When this happens, oral hygiene is absolutely paramount to maintain health, and a rinse for mouth sores is essential. The inflammation and ulcers may result in bleeding and can also be very painful, both of which can actively interfere with speaking and even eating. A specific oncological rinse for mouth sores is available which soothes the pain, fights the infection and helps with the healing. It makes a big difference in the life a patient undergoing these kinds of therapy and helps to let them continue to live a normal life.

For General Health

While the oncological rinse for mouth sores is specifically aimed at therapy patients, there are other preventive rinses to help with a variety of other mouth ailments. Cankers, sores and other ulcerations in the mouth can occur because of dry conditions, infections, and even stress. Prevention Health Sciences has an anti-bacterial rinse for mouth sores that is aimed at more general ailments. For people that are prone to mouth infections, or even just as a preventive measure after extensive dental or oral work, a general anti-bacterial rinse can ease the discomfort of pains in the mouth, help fight the infection and keep it away, and aid in healing.

Because this type of anti-bacterial rinse for mouth sores is more powerful than a typical mouthwash, it’s advised to use this specific class of rinse only “as and when needed.” For simple, daily preventive use, this rinse does far more than is actually required.

A Preventive Measure

Prevention Health Sciences does have an everyday rinse that can be used like a daily rinse for people that want to enjoy extra oral protection a step above typical mouthwash found in stores. This is not medicated to treat the more serious ulcerations, cankers and other infections that come from extreme oral conditions. It freshens breath while at the same time aggressively fighting against the plaque and gingivitis build up that are the most common threats to oral health on a normal basis.

Because of its anti-bacterial properties, it dramatically reduces the chances of inflammation and sores that even ordinary mouth and tooth decay can inflict on the mouth. When combined with sensible oral care habits like brushing and flossing, it provides maximum protection for many years of safe, painless oral health.

If you’d like to know more about what these various rinses can do for you, please look at our available products and see which ones best fit your needs. All of our rinses are made to make your oral health safer, easier and less painful so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth.