• Safe for all ages
  • All FDA Safety Studies have been completed on the formula
  • Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial
  • Good for chemical, thermal or scaling
  • Relieves discomfort immediately and prevents the use of pain medicine
  • Helps reduce scarring and sometimes prevents all scarring if used immediately
  • Reduces lost work time
  • Helps promote wound healing and reduces the healing time Helps prevent infection
  • Easy to use

Applications for Prevention Wound and Burn Spray

Lacerations and abrasions
Sports injuries
Radiation (Oncology patients)
Chemical burns
Thermal burns
Post surgery incisions
Chemical Peels
Laser Resurfacing
Hair Waxing


This product of yours is outstanding and a breakthrough in the treatment of a variety of skin injuries. I have informed ER physicians about this product and they are anxious to have it available for emergency room injured patients. I give this product my highest endorsement as I have had practical experience with it use.

~ Dr. Bruce Houle

I have been using Prevention wound and burn spray in our hospital for almost 10 years. It assists in both pain management and the healing of many different types of wounds. It works extremely well in combination with Silver based bandages and I can attest to a dramatic reduction in healing time as apposed to just NACL irrigation. I swear by the product and would recommend it to anyone!

~ Nansee Drone RN,  Southern Illinois Herrin Hospital

I have a recurring wound that when it flairs up and become infected causes me extreme pain. I was fortunate to know someone who introduced me to the wound and Burn spray product and the results are nothing short of Phenomenal! It not only help tremendously with the pain my wound heeled in a week, normally it takes 3 to 4 weeks!

~ Austin Burke,   Palm Beach Gardens Florida,  US Army Veteran

I found the Wound and Burn Spray at Walmart and showed it to my home health aid who changes the bandages on my foot Ulcers. She had not heard of the the product but agreed to try it during the bandage change. The most relief I have ever had! I wish I knew about this product years ago.

~ Frank Sands, Retiree

Prevention Wound & Burn Spray: Concept and Theory

Prevention’s blend of cations and anions complexed with an oxidant is proving to be clinically effective in treating burns, abrasions and wounds with a reduced healing time in most individuals. The unique formulation of chemicals is controlling the pathogenic organisms and fungi that cause delay in tissue healing in most lesions. This formula is promoting healing in burns, abrasions and incisions with little or no scar tissue. The ability of this spray to stop and reverse the body’s natural inflammatory process and control the bacterial environment of the lesion enables the body’s natural tissue response to be more effective in repairing the damaged tissue.

Formula effectively controls fungi, virus and pathogenic bacteria.

Impedes the tissue inflammatory process

Safe on ulcerated or abraded tissue

  • No epithelial damage
  • No inflammatory response
  • No hyperplasia
  • No atrophy
  • No hyperkeratosis
  • Provides a source of oxygen for the healing tissue
  • Provides a source of debridement for the wound
  • Reduces healing time in most patients
  • Easy to use
    • Spray the wound and let it dry naturally
    • Will eliminate bandages in many cases
    • No salves or creams necessary
    • Can be used multiple times per day if necessary
  • Cost effective
  • This formula in an FDA protocol tissue toxicity study revealed no mucosal irritation, inflammation, hyperplasia or atrophy. The formula exhibited an bactericidal effect on the tissue and reduced all previous existing chronic inflammatory changes. This formula promoted overall regeneration of the tissue without destruction of the keratin in the epidermal layer.
  • Prevention Wound and Burn spray is safe, easy to use and clinically effective when used as directed. The formula has been used on chemical burns, thermal burns, over-exposure to sun, abrasions, and open wounds with success. The product is providing relief for the discomfort associated with the lesions, controlling infections and significantly reducing the healing time associated with wounds and burns. It is safe for all ages.
  • A. Serum & Debris- Ideal for bacterial growth
  • B. Compromises blood flow
  • C. Impedes or stops the body’s natural inflammatory process
  • D. Cellular and humeral defenses are compromised
  • E. Lymphocyte and phalocyte functions are impaired
  • F. Creates environment for opportunistic organisms
    • 1. Candid Species
    • 2. Staphylococcus Aureus

1. To control and reduce the number of bacteria and fungi in a burn wound without damaging healthy tissue.

  • Major cause of death in burn victims is infection. Control of bacterial environment is critical.
  • Half of all burn wound infections are caused by microorganisms originating in the victim.2. To maintain a moist healing environment
    3. Help control water loss
    4. Help control the sell sodium-potassium pump

1. Effective against the staphylococcus species.

  • Epidermolytic toxins of staphylococcus aureus are the causative agents of blisters or generalized exfoliation in burn or scalded skin.
  • The exfoliative (epidermolytic) toxins of Staphylococcus aureus are the causative agents of the staphylococcal scalded-skin syndrome.2. Effective against candida fungi

• Thermal injury enhancing the invasion of candida albicans and the depth of the burn is an important factor determining the potential for systemic invasion of fungi.

3. Mechanical action from oxygenating agent helps in debridement during healing.

• Debridement is essential to allow the Phagocytes a ready access to infecting microorganisms.

4. Cation-anion formula impedes the body’s inflammatory process. (Promotes healing-cell regeneration).

  • Inhibit production of eiconsanoids
  • Stops and reverses the microvasular system development
    • Interferes with the cyclooxgenase and lipooxgenase functions

    5. Oxygenation action helps keep the tissue moist and provides oxygen to the tissue cells.

• The majority of dermal wounds are colonized with aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms that originate predominantly from mucosal surfaces such as those of the oral cavity and gut.

6. The cation-anion formula helps control or reduce the sodium-potassium pump impairment of the tissue cells. Thus impeding the loss of water by the cells and helping with the intake of water by the cells by providing a source of oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

Fluid electrolyte imbalance loss by the evaporation of water thru the burned area causes disturbances in the extra cellular and intra cellular fluids. It also will affect body fluid composition. This also can cause a change in composition of blood and the development of acidosis.

Body fluids, mineral salts all can be lost thru the wound.