Oral Care 360

Formulated for Everyday use to promote good oral health and fresh breath.

    • Helps control plaque & gingivitis
    • Zinc/Hydrogen Peroxide formula kills harmful bacteria
    • Soothing Mint Flavor
    • Bacterial selective (does not kill good bacteria)
    • Pure Glycerin, Menthol and Zinc formula
    • Easy to use and safe for all ages


A great product…..helps with tartar control and kills mouth bacteria….i have used it for 15 years….i would recommend it for anyone

– Linda M. via Amazon.com

We love this mouthwash. Our hygienist recommended for it’s bacteria killing properties so we tried it. It has no harsh taste, and we have noticed a decrease in mouth problems such as canker sores and inflammation of the gums around crowns. We think it works and sometimes is hard to find in the stores, so when I saw it on Amazon, I stocked up! Thank you for having this product.Safe for children of all ages.

– D. Morton via Amazon.com