• Over the Counter
  • Helps control and treat oral mucositis
  • Helps heal ulcerations associated with oral mucositis
  • Soothes oral tissue
  • Provides relief for Xerostomia
  • Bacterial selective (does not kill good bacteria)
  • Pure Glycerin, Menthol and Zinc formula
  • Formulated for the Oncology patient receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment
  • Easy to use and safe for all ages
  • Rinse 3 – 5 times a day

Designed For Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy and/or Radiation Treatment

The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be nearly 1.7 million new cancer cases  diagnosed in 2015.

Of those patients many will develop Oral Complications.  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “Oral complications occur in virtually all patients receiving radiation for head and neck malignancies, in approximately 80 percent of hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cell transplant recipients, and in nearly 40 percent of patients receiving chemotherapy.”


I work in Radiation Oncology. We give each of our  Head and Neck Cancer Patients a bottle of the Prevention Oncology Mouth Rinse at initial consult.  They find the product helps sooth their oral cavity during treatment. Helps to lessen bacteria also.

Thank you for your product.

 – Nora Buttrick RN BSN OCN

My husband used this following chemo and radiation. It does a great job for mouth sores. We tried many, but this was the best.

– Faye W.
Prevention is a wonderful product and an answer to prayers. My mouth and throat had sores developing from chemotherapy which made it difficult to eat. Within a few days of using this product, the sores went away and have not come back through 2 more cycles of chemotherapy.

– buyer on Amazon.com