Oral Care 360 – Alcohol-Free

    • Over the Counter
    • Helps control and treat oral mucositis
    • Helps heal ulcerations
    • Soothes oral tissue
    • Bacterial selective (does not kill good bacteria)
    • Pure Glycerin, Menthol and Zinc formula
    • Easy to use and safe for all ages
    • Rinse 3 – 5 times a day


Whenever my children get canker sores I have them swish some of this around in their mouth at the sore. Within a day or two, the canker sore has stopped hurting and mostly on its way to healing. So far, this product is the best and easiest to use for this purpose.

– S. Philips via Amazon.com

When I’m stressed out, I often get infected cracks in the corners of my mouth — especially in winter. They’d persist for weeks or more until I tried this product. I’ve been using it for almost ten years, only as-needed. It’s a fantastic product, doesn’t contain alcohol (which can dry out your mouth and screw with helpful bacteria), and clears up my cracks within a day or two, tops. I recommend it to all my friends with similar problems, and they’ve all had success, too!

– Jacquelyn Gill via Amazon.com