Prevention Oncology Mouth Wash

Prevention Oncology Mouth Wash

During chemotherapy, the dental care you need is different, depending on your stage in treatment: before, during, and after. Before treatment, it may be greatly beneficial to take care of any existing dental problems to prevent excessive issues during treatment. During treatment, however, your goal will be to prevent oral complications, as well as properly managing those that do occur. Common oral complications in chemotherapy patients are:

• Oral Mucositis, or inflamed mucous membranes in the mouth;

• Infection;

• Salivary gland problems or dry mouth;

• Change in taste, or;

• Pain in the mouth.

To prevent these complications, there are a few things you can do, including maintaining good dental hygiene by keeping your mouth clean and being gently with the tissue lining your mouth. It is important to begin prevention treatment before chemotherapy begins to increase your chances of decreasing the risk of oral complications, and this may be done with both prescription oral treatments or over-the-counter oral treatments.

Oncology Mouth Wash

This over-the-counter mouth wash is designed specifically for oncology patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and may be used to treat and prevent the symptoms of oral mucositis and xerostomia (dry mouth). It works to help heal ulcers and sores due to oral mucositis and may provide relief for dry mouth as well, and as such may provide relief and an improved quality of life for those undergoing chemotherapy by providing a healthy mouth and more comfort from any complications that may arise during treatment.