Prevention Care: Oral Care 360 And Oral Care 360 Alcohol-Free

Prevention Care: Oral Care 360 And Oral Care 360 Alcohol-Free

Due to the nature of chemotherapy treatments, many cancer patients unfortunately find themselves faced with oral complications, such as excessive dry mouth – also known as Xerostomia – and mouth sores and ulcers. This is because chemotherapy works to slow or stop the production of rapidly growing cancerous cells, and often attacks the healthy rapidly growing cells in the mouth as well, preventing healthy cells from being produced to heal properly.

This side effect can be painful, and can sometimes even prevent you from eating and drinking properly – because of this, it is important to speak with your doctor immediately if you notice any symptoms of these side effects.

There are also ways that you may be able to use preventative care treatments to prevent or treat these side effects before they occur or get bad, and these treatments may work to improve your comfort or quality of life during your chemotherapy treatment. While some treatments are only available by prescription, there are some which are available over-the-counter as well, and these may work for you, if used properly.

Prevention Oral Care 360

This product is available both in a regular formula as well as an alcohol-free formula, for those who have problems with oral sensitivity due to their treatments. With every day use, it is used to promote good oral health, and may help to keep your mouth healthy and salivated to help prevent sores and excessive dry mouth due to treatments. The zinc and hydrogen peroxide in the formula is used to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth without killing the good bacteria that helps your mouth to heal properly, and has a soothing mint flavor to freshen breath without being too harsh.