Medical science has made many advancements over the decades, and now, for people with certain kinds of illnesses—like cancer—that were formerly victims of their condition, there’s hope. Radiation and chemotherapy offer people with these illnesses a real fighting chance to overcome the sickness and even make a recovery. But these types of treatments aren’t perfect. The different forms of therapy are aggressive, attacking the cells that are part of the problem, but for now, these types of therapy also have side-effects. And it is during this necessary treatment that some of these side-effects can make themselves known and cause problems for the patients undergoing treatment. One of those problems can occur in the , and but there’s relief in the form of an Oral Mucositis Rinse.

What Is Oral Mucositis?

Mucosal tissue is found everywhere throughout the digestive system, including the mouth, throat, stomach, intestines and other places. It is a membrane that is designed to create mucus and line the digestive system for protection and ease of digestion. In the mouth, oral mucosa is protects us from harmful bacteria, helps regulate temperature, secretes mucus that aids in eating and can even help with sensing things inside the mouth. Unfortunately, mucosal tissue is also very delicate.

This becomes a problem for people undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. The aggressive nature of radiation therapy and chemical therapy is designed to kill affected cancer cells. However, the cells in mucosal tissue are so fragile that they are also affected by these forms of therapy and can be severely damaged by the process. Neither radiation nor chemotherapy are selective enough to be able to “ignore” mucosal tissue, so if a patient is being treated with either of these therapies in the head, throat or jaw area, then the damage to this tissue, known as “oral mucositis” is an unfortunate, unavoidable and entirely necessary part of the treatment process.

Symptoms Of Oral Mucositis

When oral mucositis sets in, it results in a number symptoms for the patient. These usually begin to manifest about 5-10 days after the beginning of radiation or chemotherapy, as the mucosal lining breaks down, and the protection normally afforded to the mouth disappears.

Ulcerations are the first, most visible sign of oral mucositis. They are holes, lesions, and other visible abnormalities within the mouth and gums as different infections to begin to set in.

Erythma is another symptom that occurs, and this is simply a redness—or redder than usual—coloration to the surface that occurs as bacteria and other invaders take advantage of the weakened defenses inside the mouth.

Unfortunately, these ulcerations and erythema are also accompanied with pain, which can spread throughout the mouth. The pain can become intense enough that, depending on where the ulcerations are located, simple acts like opening the mouth to speak—or even eat—become extremely uncomfortable.

It goes without saying that because of this, the regular, meticulous oral care of something like a toothbrush, dental or water floss also become too difficult to maintain, despite the fact that now, more than ever, oral hygiene is especially important.

This is where an Oral Mucositis Rinse comes in.

Comfortable Relief.

Our Oral Mucositis Rinse has been specially formulated to deal with the side-effects of therapy. This is a delicate critical period in the therapy process and both healthy eating, and careful oral maintenance are still important parts of this process, so neglecting either practice can impact healing and recovery.

If the physical act of using a brush, floss, or pressurized water is too much, a gentle Oral Mucositis Rinse is the ideal alternative. It fights the infection in the mouth, helping to keep the spread of bacteria to a minimum, and helps with the pain in the mouth, as well as reducing the proliferation of mouth sores that occur. It is also formulated to soothe the actual pain associated with damaged mucosal tissue, and is medicated to help heal the damaged tissue and recover faster.

The Oral Mucositis Rinse also helps to keep the mouth moist and properly lined, addressing “xerostomia,” the condition in which dry mouth occurs because of the therapy. Xerostomia has a number of additional negative side effects on the overall health of the mouth, as well as making speaking and eating more difficult.

Selectively Active

Radiation and chemotherapy use what some people refer to as a “scorched earth” approach, which is why oral mucositis occurs in the first place. It simply means that the powerful nature of these therapies doesn’t distinguish between sick cells and healthy cells, damaging both in the hopes that the body will then replace the damaged cells with new, healthy ones.

Fortunately, our Oral Mucositis Rinse does not work in the same fashion. It is actually able to target only the bacteria and infections that are harmful to the mouth. It kills pathogenic bacteria, but preserves the beneficial bacteria that are required for a healthy mouth. This actually helps the healing process significantly, since it means that “good bacteria” don’t have to replenish their numbers in order to make a positive contribution to the healing process, they can continue their work uninterrupted.

Try Some Today

If you, or someone you know is going to undergo radiation or chemotherapy around the neck, jaw or head area, think about stocking up on our Oral Mucositis Rinse. The side-effects of these therapies are painful and well documented. They are a necessary evil of overcoming a frightening illness, but if you use our Oral Mucositis Rinse, it can make this portion of the experience much healthier and more comfortable.