Mouth Ulcer TreatmentThere’s nothing quite like a clean and pristine smile to start off your day. Having good dental hygiene will not only make you feel better about yourself, but your neighbors and friends will thank you too! However, it can be hard to properly take care of your mouth when a painful obstruction is in the way. These are what we refer to as “mouth ulcers.”

Having a mouth ulcer can be an extremely painful experience. These types of ulcers occur along the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and can occur due to a number of diseases and mechanisms. The two most common occurrences for mouth ulcers deals with local trauma (caused by irritation/rubbing) and aphthous stomatitis (a.k.a. canker sores). As stated before, these mouth ulcers can be extremely uncomfortable and painful during the whole healing process. Luckily, there are various forms of mouth ulcer treatment out there that can help you go through this grueling process.

Our team at Prevention Health Sciences have come up with various remedies for mouth ulcers and oral care. We understand the importance of oral health, and how crucial it is for living comfortably. Our various oral care products cover mouth ulcer treatment in a multitude of ways.

Oncology Mouth Wash

One of our most popular mouth ulcer treatments is Oncology Mouth Wash. This product is designed to treat people suffering from oral mucositis, which is a common complication for people going through chemotherapy. The disease usually begins 5-10 after the initiation of chemotherapy and can last 7-14 days. The disease causes the mucosal lining of the mouth to atrophy and break down, forming the painful mouth ulcers that make it hard to eat and relax.

Oncology Mouth Wash helps control and treat oral mucositis by helping to soothe the oral tissue. It is also bacterial selective, meaning that it will not kill any good bacteria. It’s easy to use and safe for all ages. If you’re a patient who developed oral mucositis after undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, consider using Oncology Mouth Wash as your mouth ulcer treatment.

Oral Care 360 Alcohol-Free Mouth Wash

Our other mouth ulcer treatment is Oral Care 360 Alcohol-Free Mouth Wash. This over-the-counter product can be used to treat a multitude of oral diseases. Unlike Oncology Mouth Wash, this product can be used at any time. Testimonials on our websites describe Oral Care as a mouth ulcer treatment for canker sores and infected cracks in the corner of your mouth. Like Oncology Mouth Wash, this product is bacterial selective, easy to use, and is safe for all ages.

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