Mouth Ulcer RinseMouth ulcers are painful and annoying. They can show up at any time, and when they do, they can cause extreme discomfort for a prolonged period of time, inhibiting appetite and sleep. The ultimate cause of a mouth ulcer is the loss or erosion of the mucous membrane that lines the mouth. This can be induced by a variety of condition.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

The underlying cause of the majority of mouth ulcers is unknown. Nearly one in five adults experience what is known as recurring aphthous ulcers, which are ulcers with no known cause. There is speculation that your genes could be a factor in causing these ulcers, or that it is some type of immune system reaction.

Although the cause of aphthous ulcers is not necessarily known, there are known triggers associated with the appearance of these mouth ulcers:

• High stress and anxiety
• Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstrual cycles in women
• Eating spicy or acidic foods
• Contact with certain chemicals

Ulcers can also be caused by physical damage to the mucous membrane inside the mouth from braces, dentures, hard foods, or defective fillings.

There are also a variety of medical conditions that can cause mouth ulcers:

• Viral infections – such as the common cold or flu virus, chickenpox, hand, foot, and mouth disease
• Nutrient deficiencies, particularly vitamin B12 and iron.
• Bacterial or fungal infections caused by a weakened immune system
• Certain gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease or coeliac disease

Another common cause of mouth ulcers are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Patients undergoing either of the two cancer treatments usually experience dry mouth from dehydration of the mucous membranes. If the dehydration persists, patients can develop a condition known as oral mucositis, which includes painful inflammation and ulcerations in the mouth.

Regardless of the cause, symptoms can increase in both frequency and intensity due to infection. Therefore, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene even when you have painful mouth ulcers to ensure that the ulcers don’t become infected.

The good news is that regardless of the reason you are experiencing recurring ulcers, mouth ulcer rinses are available to ease the symptoms and stave off infection.

Prevention Mouth Ulcer Rinse Products

Prevention Health Sciences offers two mouth ulcer rinse products to help heal and control mouth ulcers.

The Oral Care 360 Alcohol-Free Mouth Wash is an over the counter mouth ulcer rinse that is formulated to control and treat oral mucositis and speed the healing of mouth ulcers. The alcohol-free formula is gentle and doesn’t burn your mouth, which is probably already sensitive from inflammation and ulcerations.

Your mouth is normally filled with a microbial ecosystem. There are bad bacteria that can cause infections, cause plaque and gingivitis, and cause bad breath. There are, however, good bacteria which are essential to oral health. With ingredients that are safely metabolized in the body such as zinc chloride, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium citrate, our mouth ulcer rinse is formulated to kill bad pathogens, but leave the good pathogens that are key to good oral health.

For those who have oral mucositis associated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments for cancer, the Oncology Mouth Wash is a mouth ulcer rinse that is specifically formulated for patients undergoing those treatments.

Oral complications, including oral mucositis and ulcerations occur in nearly 40 percent of all patients receiving chemotherapy. The Oncology Mouth Wash helps to heal ulcerations and eases the symptoms of oral mucositis by soothing oral tissues.

Much like the Oral Care 360 mouth ulcer rinse, the Oncology Mouth Wash also selectively kills only the bad pathogens in the mouth that are prone to cause infections and worsen ulcers.

The Oncology Mouth Wash also provides special relief for Xerostomia, otherwise known as dry mouth, by simulating saliva production. It is an over the counter product recommended by many oncologists for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is safe to use in patients of all ages.

If you don’t need a mouth ulcer rinse, but still want the benefits of our selective antimicrobial mouth washes, we also have the Oral Care 360 Mouth Wash. The low alcohol formulation helps to control plaque, gingivitis, and infections without a harsh taste.

If you suffer from recurring mouth ulcers, Preventions Health Sciences’ mouth ulcer rinse products can be seamlessly integrated into your normal oral hygiene routine to help heal and prevent the reoccurrence of mouth ulcers.