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Why Try Oncology Mouth Rinse?

A common complication of chemotherapy, oral mucositis is a painful condition that can become debilitating in some cases. The condition generally starts within five to days of the start of chemotherapy. It usually lasts around seven to fourteen days. Oral mucositis causes the mucosal lining of the to atrophy, or break down, forming painful ulcerations within the mouth. 

This condition impairs the ability to eat, drink, or speak. It is quite painful, which adversely affects sufferers’ quality of life. In some cases, oral mucositis can be severe enough to warrant hospitalization. This is usually to provide pain control and ensure adequate nutritional intake using parenteral nutrition. The object is to reduce the severity and duration of oral mucositis, as well as the pain this condition can cause.

Of course, hospitalization is not required in most cases of oral mucositis, but even mild cases of this condition can be quite painful. In many instances, however, using an mouth rinse prior to starting chemotherapy treatment can prevent the development of oral mucositis. Prevention Oncology mouth rinse is specially formulated to do just that. Simply start using the rinse a day or so before beginning chemotherapy treatments and avoid the pain, discomfort, and complications of oral mucositis.

Prevention Oncology mouth rinse is an effective and affordable way to prevent oral mucositis, or reduce the severity of existing oral mucositis, as well as the pain associated with this condition. Prevention Oncology mouth rinse is suitable for cancer patients who are about to begin a course of chemotherapy. It can also lessen symptoms in those who already suffer from oral mucositis. 

Available without a prescription through a number of prominent retailers, Prevention Oncology mouth rinse is highly effective in preventing and treating oral mucositis. Not only does this specially formulated mouth rinse reduce pain and inflammation, it also prevents bacterial and fungal infections. Prevention Oncology mouth rinse is an effective an affordable first line of defense against oral mucositis.