Coping With Dry Mouth As A Cancer Side Effect

Coping With Dry Mouth As A Cancer Side Effect

While patients who are suffering from cancer have a lot to worry about, one thing that is often overlooked until it begins occurring is chronic dry mouth – also known as xerostomia. As explained by Cancer.Net, this problem is caused by the salivary glands failing to create enough saliva. 

This may seem like a relatively minor problem, but the reality is that chronic dry mouth can lead to numerous problems including:

  • Difficulty swallowing or talking
  • Reduced taste sensitivity
  • Dry feeling in the mouth
  • Pain or burning in the mouth
  • Increased dental problems due to reduced healthy bacteria in the mouth

Dry mouth is commonly caused not by the cancer itself, but by the treatments that are currently used to combat it. Chemotherapy in particular leads to increased dry mouth, and patients regularly struggle to combat this problem.

The best option for most is the use of an alcohol free mouth rinse that is designed specifically for those with dry mouth. These rinses can help improve moisture levels within the mouth and reduce the problems that come from xerostomia. 

Talking to your doctor about dry mouth is the first step to overcoming the issue. They can help you understand more about the problem and how to combat it, and may suggest that you start using an oral rinse to help control the issue.