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The Importance Of Alcohol Free Mouth Rinses

Dry mouth caused by chemotherapy treatments is a very real condition that can add even more discomfort, frustration, and risk to those who are suffering from cancer. The risk of infections and other problems is increased in those with dry mouth, and the issue can be very severe when triggered by chemo.

Why An Alcohol Free Oral Rinse Is Often A Better Choice

Oral health is important, and it can actually have a direct impact on virtually every aspect of your overall health and wellbeing. And a wide range of issues that confront your mouth could create unique problems that need to be addressed. In many cases, using an oral rinse could help combat those issues.

The Big Impact Of Dry Mouth

When most people think of their overall health and wellbeing, oral health isn’t usually the first thing they’ll think of. Even those who do understand the importance of oral health care often don’t understand one aspect of it – dry mouth. But those who have trouble maintaining proper saliva levels often encounter a number of […]

A Closer Look At Chemotherapy And Dry Mouth

There’s no question that chemotherapy is sometimes difficult to endure. The side effects are numerous, but it’s important to continue with the treatment to get the best results. One side effect that is often reported by those undergoing chemotherapy treatments is xerostomia, or dry mouth. 

A Closer Look At A Dry Mouth Mouthwash

A lot of different oral health issues can confront us throughout our lives, but one that is very common is dry mouth. Dry mouth can be caused through illnesses, your body’s makeup, or through treatments like chemotherapy that cause it as a side effect. No matter the cause, the results can be serious. Dry mouth […]

Why Dry Mouth Matters

For many people, oral issues like dry mouth are nothing more than a minor annoyance. But the reality is that there are some very serious consequences that can come from having an overly dry mouth. In fact, according to a recent study, dry mouth is directly associated with overall oral health quality of life. This […]

Introducing Prevention Oral Care 360

Your oral health is one of the single most important parts of your overall health and wellbeing, and now Prevention Oral Care 360 is here to help provide you with protection from many different oral health problems. Formerly known as Everyday, Prevention Oral Care 360 is a gentle mouthwash that isn’t painful to use but […]

Understanding Oral Mucositis

Oral health is important for your overall wellbeing, but many people don’t fully appreciate the wide range of issues that can occur when oral problems present themselves. One of the most common – but most serious – problems is oral mucositis, and it deserves a closer look. 

Chemotherapy And Dry Mouth

At the moment, chemotherapy remains one of the most effective ways to combat cancer. But it’s not without its own side effects, and those who are undergoing treatment will face a variety of issues related to their chemotherapy. One area that is often overlooked is that of your oral health. 

Water Floss With Mouthwash? Why Not?

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of the Water Flosser. These devices come under a variety of different brand names, but the basic principle behind them is the same. By using a highly pressurized jet of water shot through a hand held tool, a stream of water is used with […]