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What Causes Dry Mouth?

Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, are sometimes known to come with side effects such as dental, mouth, and throat problems. Because the nature of this treatment is to prevent or slow the production of rapidly growing cancer cells, it can also harm the cells in your mouth, throat, and lips, and prevent them from producing […]

Prevention Oncology Mouth Wash

During chemotherapy, the dental care you need is different, depending on your stage in treatment: before, during, and after. Before treatment, it may be greatly beneficial to take care of any existing dental problems to prevent excessive issues during treatment. During treatment, however, your goal will be to prevent oral complications, as well as properly […]

Prevention Care: Oral Care 360 And Oral Care 360 Alcohol-Free

Due to the nature of chemotherapy treatments, many cancer patients unfortunately find themselves faced with oral complications, such as excessive dry mouth – also known as Xerostomia – and mouth sores and ulcers. This is because chemotherapy works to slow or stop the production of rapidly growing cancerous cells, and often attacks the healthy rapidly […]

The Importance Of Fighting Dry Mouth

When you’re going through cancer treatment, you’ll have a lot to endure. One issue that you might not be expecting is that of dry mouth. While compared to some of the side effects of chemotherapy it might seem minor, if you take a closer look at dry mouth you’ll see that it is very important […]

Fighting Dry Mouth With The Right Mouth Rinse

Many cancer patients aren’t fully prepared for the wide range of health issues and side effects that chemotherapy and other treatments can cause. One that often surprises them is dry mouth, and chemotherapy can lead to severe dry mouth that in turn can cause numerous problems.

Overcoming Dry Mouth

Cancer is a horrible disease, and it can have a tremendous impact on the lives of those who develop it and their loved ones. One problem that is very common among those who are receiving cancer treatment is dry mouth, also called xerostomia. The Oral Cancer Foundation is one group focused on this specific issue, […]

Coping With Dry Mouth As A Cancer Side Effect

While patients who are suffering from cancer have a lot to worry about, one thing that is often overlooked until it begins occurring is chronic dry mouth – also known as xerostomia. As explained by Cancer.Net, this problem is caused by the salivary glands failing to create enough saliva. 

The Heavy Consequences Of Dry Mouth

When most people think of dry mouth, they just assume that it’s a fairly common, harmless problem that goes away after time. But for many, recurring, persistent dry mouth is a serious issue. Some people develop dry mouth due to various health issues, and it’s one of the most frequent side effects associated with the […]

What You Should Know About Dry Mouth

While modern medicine is steadily marching forwards, trying to find a cure for diseases like cancer, at the moment the only treatment options are often accompanied by various side effects and other similar issues. A perfect example of this is chemotherapy, and while it can be one of the only solutions for treating cancer, it […]