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What Else Can You Do With An Oncology Mouthwash?

If you’re suffering from dry mouth thanks to radiation treatments or chemotherapy, your oncologist may advise you to pick up some artificial saliva or a specially formulated oncology mouthwash.  Depending on the exact variety, you can expect something that soothes mouth sores, kills harmful bacteria, and otherwise lubricates the mouth to make it easier to […]

The Dry Mouth Diet

Dry mouth is a condition that many people experience as a result of radiation treatments to the mouth and throat, certain chemotherapy drugs, and several other medications.  Also known as oral mucositis, dry mouth happens when the body stops producing enough saliva to properly coat the teeth and tongue and help with chewing and swallowing.  […]

Is There Such A Thing As A Healing Spray?

In science fiction settings, you often see medicine that works immediately, especially when it comes to first aid.  Evidently, in the future healing a wound becomes as easy as tapping someone’s arm with an injector or spraying them with a healing mist.  But is such a thing ever really possible?

How The Mayo Clinic Treats Dry Mouth

The Mayo Clinic has one of the best sites on the internet for finding more information about diseases and learning what you can do about them.  Dry mouth is naturally on the big list, and the website has several different things that anyone can do to improve their ability to swallow, reduce mouth sores, and […]

Prevent Or Treat Mouth Sores With Prevention Oncology Mouth Rinse

Anyone that is diagnosed with cancer and prescribed radiation or chemotherapy is already in the middle of a difficult battle. Every measure should be taken to ensure good health and comfort during this challenging time. Unfortunately, sometimes the very things that we need to do to take care of ourselves, such as ensure we keep […]

Prevention Oral Care 360 Alcohol Free Is Perfect For Canker Sores

A canker sore is a type of minor ulcer that can appear within the mouth. It’s not a serious, medically threatening condition, but it can be painful and cause discomfort when it comes to eating. While it’s still not confirmed what the exact cause is of canker sores, stress, tissue injury and even too much […]

How To Watch For Oral Mucositis

Under normal conditions, mucositis, a painful, even crippling oral affliction, normally affects people with poor oral health, low body mass index, excessive drinkers/smokers or kidney related illnesses, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS. But for people that are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy in the throat or mouth region, there’s a strong chance that mucositis will […]

Signs And Symptoms Of Oral Mucositis

If you, or someone you know, is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments, they were most likely warned of the many side effects that come along with this treatment. Of these, oral mucositis is probably the most common complication of cancer treatments, and can lead to several issues, including pain, nutritional problems resulting in an inability to […]

What Prevention Oral Care 360 Can Do For You

Those undergoing chemotherapy know all too well that one of the unfortunate side effects of this cancer treatment is excessive dry mouth – also known as Xerostomia – which also can bring with it uncomfortable mouth sores and ulcers. Chemotherapy causes this because it works constantly to slow or stop the rapid production of cancerous […]

Managing Excessive Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a troubling side effect caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments on cancer patients. It can be caused by the treatments themselves, or by a combination of treatments alongside things such as medications, or current pre-existing conditions such as dehydration, a fungal infection of the mouth. Treating these conditions as they […]