Oncology Mouth Rinse

·Specially formulated for the Oncology patient

·Over the counter relief for common oral complications related to cancer treatment
·Helps with oral mucositis and controlling oral ulcers
·Soothes oral tissue and sore gums.

Endorsed by Dentists
for Improved Oral Health

·No Alcohol formula for soothing relief from common mouth ailments
·Helps relieve dry mouth, manage plaque and control oral pathogens
·Stays active for over 8 hours and freshens breath
·No dyes or petroleum products; vegan and gluten free

New Dry Mouth Rinse

·Works to relieve dry mouth symptoms
·Helps to Attract and Retain Moisture
·Natural Glycerin Formula

Wound and Burn Spray

·Easy to use spray application

·Helps to relieve pain and discomfort
·Reduces scarring, swelling, and healing time


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What our customers have to say

“This rinse is awesome.  Recommended by my husband’s dentist after oral surgery years ago.  Have used ever since.  No burning.  Pleasant taste and heals all kinds of mouth and gum issues FAST!”

“Love this stuff and have been using it for years.  It was recommended by a previous dental hygienist.”

“Gums have never been happier.  After flossing, rinsing with this feels like heaven.”